Kitesurfing and kiteboarding in Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Do you want to learn kitesurfing or kiteboarding in Tenerife (The Canary Islands)? You don't know where to start and which school to choose? Are you wondering how much does it cost, and how many lessons does a beginner kiter need? The answers to these and many other questions you can find below. And if you don't find them, you can always ask us by any convenient way.

What is kite?

Kite (kiteboarding and kitesurfing) is a kind of extreme sport - sliding through the water on a board behind a towing kite. In this sport, a kite is a specific construction created on the model of a kite, which allows using air flows to move (tow) a person over long distances. So it becomes clear that the main driving force for the kite is a wind.

Kiteboarding and kitesurfing - what is difference?

The concepts of kitesurfing and kiteboarding are often confused with each other. Let's figure out what the difference is. And the difference, as it`s not difficult to guess from the names, is in the board on which the athlete rides. Wakeboard (twintip) with fasteners is designed for kiteboarding, surfboard without fasteners (directional) - for kitesurfing. The spots for these versions of kite also differ. Kite surf requires a wave spot, that means a place where waves prevail. Thanks to the kite, you don`t need to row yourself for the line-up, the kite does all this work for you.
Kiteboarding, in contrast, requires "smooth" and calm water.

Learn kitesurf and kiteboard in Tenerife (The Canary Islands):

Kitesurf and kiteboard for beginners: where to start?
One of the most popular places to learn kite surf are The Canary Islands, specifically the island of Tenerife with a spot in El Medano, where there is a shoal perfectly suitable for a beginner kiter with moderate but stable winds, and a complete lack of navigation.

Kite spot in El Medano:

The town of El Medano with its kite spot is truly considered the mecca of kiters. It`s windy there 300 days a year (the wind direction is along the coast), and the air temperature never drops below 25 degrees Celsius. The coast of this town consists of one large bay divided into 2 parts. One part is for lovers of sunbathing, the second for lovers of kiteboarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing. So, any lazy tourists, unsuccessfully surfacing in front of your nose, will not become an obstacle for you in learning. To tell the truth, the waves and the wind on the spot are quite strong. That can cause some difficulties at the initial stage of learning kite. But progress will not keep you waiting. And if you are already an experienced kiteboarder, then we invite you to start learning the basics of kitesurfing. This spot is perfect for both versions of kite.
In El Medano, world and national competitions are held annually, including: the World Cup and the Spanish Championship. This is a great opportunity to see the guru of kite sports, and maybe even get a master class or a couple of practical advices.

English-speaking kiteboarding and kitesurfing school in Tenerife:

The main issue for beginners is the choice of the school. Perfect communication between an instructor and a student is a very important aspect of training, especially in extreme sports, so we recommend you to choose the English-speaking kite schools.
The most popular among our tourists in Tenerife is the English-speaking school Ocean Freaks World, which is located a 2-minute walk from the kite spot in El Madano.
At your service:
  • English-speaking kite instructors;
  • individual and group kiteboarding and kitesurfing trainings (theory and practice);
  • equipment rental (helmet, wetsuit, kite, trapeze, board);
  • fresh water shower;
  • changing room;
  • panoramic view of the spot;
  • wi-fi.
The school was founded in 2011 and has all the necessary licenses and permits to teach kiteboarding and kitesurfing.
Location: Tenerife, El Medano, La Gavotova, 21-3.
The day and the time of a training is determined individually depending on weather conditions.

The price of kite surf lesson in Tenerife:

The cost of one kite surf lesson is 100 euros per person.
The duration of the lesson is 2 hours.
All necessary equipment is included in the price.

Book a kiteboarding or a kitesurfing lesson:

You can book a kiteboarding or a kitesurfing lesson by filling in the form below. Please indicate the phone number connected to one of the messengers: Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber.

Our kitesurfing and kiteboarding instructor:  
We are glad to introduce you our instructor, who will open for you the wonderful world of kite.
Kiteboarding and kitesurfing in Tenerife (The Canary Island)
Kite instructor: Yuri
Instructor experience: since 2008
Spots: The Canary Islands, Venezuela, Baltic States.
Stand: Regular
Language: Russian, English, Spanish. 

Location of the kite school and the nearest parkings:

Our school is located at: C. la Gaviota, 21-3, 38612 El Médano, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.
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Free parking 10 minutes walk from the school
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Kitesurfing and kiteboarding video: